Sunday, June 23, 2013

path to ventilator liberation

We are still treading lightly, and to some extent, awaiting the next setback, but James is determined to stride forward. We continue to move at a slow and steady pace. James has daily goals, and manages to meet them all without difficulties. He feels stronger with each passing day, and there is evidence to support his gains.

We are on the path to ventilator liberation. James' oxygen requirements are down to 30%. He spends an increasing amount of time on a tracheostomy mask each day. Yesterday, James spent a total of four hours off the ventilator, and will aim for six hours today. He doesn't feel short of breath during these trials, but it does impact his level of fatigue. He is learning to breathe all over again. It takes a lot of energy. 

James has also been requiring less oxygen and ventilation support for physiotherapy. He will soon take on walking without the ventilator. These small gains are major on the path to recovery.

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