Thursday, June 13, 2013

leaps and bounds

James' progress has been absolutely astonishing over the last few days. It is impossible to describe all the minute details, but I will do my best to convey these leaps and bounds. (We are moving mountains here). 

James is awake and alert enough to be able to communicate again. He is able to advocate for himself and become an active participant in his own care. He is re-developing a sense of autonomy and independence in his self-care. He is further re-gaining a sense of normalcy through the establishment of a structure and routine to his days. It really is an exceptional change. It represents movement forward on several different levels. 

James has shown improvements (along with great strength and resilience) in all areas of concern. He is no longer on sedation, and is staring another slow wean from long-standing analgesia. His respiratory status is back on track with post-transplant recovery expectations. He is tolerating lower levels of mechanical ventilation support for longer periods of time with each consecutive day. His kidneys and liver function are starting to show positive signs of recovery from early indications of potential failure. His fluid balance has been trending towards the negative, and relieving pressure on his lungs from fluid overload. His gastrointestinal distress remains, but without the same level of concern. The list goes on. The message is the same: We are trending in the right direction in all regards. 

The news gets even better. (There is always more sunshine). James achieved a major milestone this afternoon. James walked this afternoon. He walked a marathon after two weeks with minimal physiotherapy and movement. It was incredible. He nearly passed out from the short distance, and earned a well-deserved afternoon nap, but James still had motivation and energy for arm weights, and five hours in a chair. There are not enough words for "remarkable" here. Instead, I will leave you with love, love, and more love.


  1. so much love and positive vibes J&M

  2. So happy for you both that things are starting to improve. Admire your love for each other!

  3. Word of caution: Never step in a boxing ring with James because;
    A. His strength won't allow you to last 15 rounds
    B. if you do last 15, he's capable of going 115

  4. YIPPEE!
    and happy dancing...
    love love love & hugs!

  5. Fantastic! It's been such a long and difficult fight and the two of you absolutely amaze me. Wishing you both a much smoother and happier journey going forward.

  6. All the prayers and positive thinking are working! Along with some serious determination! Wow! Awesomeness! Love to you both!