Wednesday, June 12, 2013

moving forward

We are moving forward at slow and steady pace. We will continue to experience a range of bumps and bruises, but these are all within the realms of expectations for this stage.

James wakes every couple of hours. He is alert and responsive with some disorientation. He doesn't always remember my presence. There is some confusion of circumstance. He isn't always able to place himself in time or space. This can lead to a restlessness, and lends itself to fears and anxieties. His sleep is also haunted by vivid dreams and nightmares. These border the edge of hallucination and delirium. All of this is completely appropriate to the level of sedation and analgesia in his system.

James has had some improvements to his respiratory status that allow for gradual weaning from mechanical ventilation. He seems to be stable enough to tolerate varying levels of support depending on a number of different factors. These factors dictate the level of aggression in the weaning process. His hemodynamics and oxygen requirements are also variable and dependent on James' level of alertness. The process is seemingly complex and dynamic, but James is trending in the right direction. This morning, James was able to tolerate an hour and forty-five minutes on minimal support. This is a noteworthy achievement for rehabilitation. It was a challenge for James, but as always, James demonstrates motivation and perseverance. 

We had have further achievement in the last few days. This includes the removal of three chest drainage tubes. The remaining two tubes continue to drain at a minimal rate, but James is right on track with an appropriate post-transplant recovery interval in this regard. James is also able to participate in physiotherapy again. The progress here is also slow and difficult, but James' continues to impress with his incredible drive. He was able to sit without support at the edge of his bed for ten minutes, followed by a steady stand, and some high steps on the spot. We look forward to further improvements in strength and endurance.

Some remaining concerns include fluid overload, kidney and liver function, and gastrointestinal blockages, but again, James' body has shown a lot of resilience, and is starting to recovery independent of intensive or aggressive intervention. We can breathe a bit more easily these days.


  1. Every little bit of positive news warms my heart!!

  2. Just wanted to tell you both I love you. You're in my thoughts daily and I hope that one day, you'll be able to go on grand adventures together and this time in the hospital, with all the fears and anxieties, will be a distant memory.