Friday, June 7, 2013

morning update

I thought I would give a brief morning update (and move away from all that doom and gloom). The team is still very concerned about James' lack of improvement, but also communicate an overwhelmingly positive resolve that James will recover with time. Sleep deprivation has made me vulnerable to that looming shadow of depression. It is more important than ever before to focus on the positive.

James is in the best possible place in the world. Toronto General is an international centre for multi-organ transplants. I cannot emphasize enough the exceptional and genuine care that James and I receive in a daily basis. We feel completely loved and embraced by the entire ICU and Transplant Teams. We will never be able to fully express our gratitude. 

We also have incredible communities of support. There are hundreds of individuals sending James and I all the love and best wishes in the world for a full recovery and a chance at a healthy life together. We never have to feel alone. Thank you to everyone for your continuous love and support. We really appreciate your generosity of energy and spirit during this difficult time.

It is painful to go through this experience without James by my side, but James' body needs time to heal. The sedation allows his body the rest it needs to focus on that healing. It means the ventilator can breathe for him without resistance. That allows for healthier gas exchange and regulation processes throughout his entire body. For now, James is stable on sedation, and I am grateful for that offering of peace and calm.

We can expect complications with re-transplant, but there is no reason to believe that James will not make a complete recovery. James has all the strength and all the drive to survive. We will get through this rough patch.

Edit: James' most recent bronchoscopy sample has come back positive for a fungal infection. His cumulative fluid balance is also a serious concern. He will get a nephrology consult to consider dialysis to remove excess fluid.


  1. Well said, peace and rest to you.
    Love love love
    & Hugs

  2. Hang in there Adena. He's truly in the very best hands possible. Thinking of you both and sending many healing thoughts your way.

    Jessica (Ed's daughter.)