Thursday, June 13, 2013


I feel truly hopeful. It really is an incredible feeling to experience a very real hope (without the sense that you are lying to yourself on some level). James has a long journey ahead and several challenges to overcome, but it all seems possible in the foreseeable future. The load feels lighter for the first time in a long while. It could be another six months, but James and I will be nesting again in our lovely home on the West Coast. (I will try to update more later).


  1. James looks wonderful and you are sounding more positive.Things sure do turn around fast ,don't they.James is one heck of a fighter,and now it is paying off. Thoughts and prayers to the both of you. Your love for each other and the prayers from the whole country has got you this far just continue to do what you are doing now .SMILING xoxo Donna

  2. James you look sooooooooooo good,keep up the good work!Love to you both love June