Thursday, February 7, 2013


James was finally granted a well-deserved reprieve from nausea and vomiting. The doctors still have not determined a cause for these gastrointestinal episodes. This was definitely the worst episode in several respects, but mostly, in length. James' only rest from the nausea and vomiting was in intervals of Gravol-induced sleep. He earned the right to be completely miserable. 

He has become very weak from 10 days in bed, and will need to rebuild his strength and muscles. His blood oxygen saturation levels also seem to have decreased again, and it appears as though James will need another home oxygen assessment before discharge. (Discharge is a magical word that doesn't come up in conversation these days, but should eventually happen in the distant future. We are still waiting for B.C. to provide funding for home nutritional support). The nausea disappeared in time for James to acquire a fever this evening. This could be a sign of another infection, but it is too early to know more than that.

He was up and walking yesterday, but had a very difficult day today, with a racing heartrate that led to anxiety and a sense of breathlessness. He has a lot of fear these days, and it is difficult to comfort him. We know the realities of lung disease, and it is difficult to always be brave. That being said, James has a lot of strength left inside of him. We will not give up hope.

That's all for now. I'm exhausted beyond the point of exhaustion. Here is the love of my life in all his awesomeness:


  1. So good to see you both in the Treadmill Room today! We are so encouraged by the two of you, your persistence, patience, and the love you share is mature beyond your years! We count it a blessing to have you in our circle of friends aka the Breathless Buddies.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. James ,with all that you have been through this last 10 days or more, you look awesome .Keep it up and keep the faith. I know at times it must be hard for you , but there are all sorts of prayers coming your way.They are for both you and Adena. xoxoxoxo hugs Donna