Sunday, February 10, 2013

adventures in the ICU

James' tachycardia continued throughout the day yesterday with the return of another low grade fever. In the afternoon, James made an attempt to go for a walk (with that determination that I am always writing about), but within a few steps, a wave of weakness overcame his intentions. He was completely breathless, with a racing heart, and doubled over in fear that his breath would not return.

The on-call team was called (again), because James had no relief from his breathlessness and elevated heart rate. A decision was finally made to transfer James to the ICU for close monitoring, at lest for the overnight period. Several attempts were made to lower his heart rate through hydration, magnesium, and an anti-anxiety medication, but it remained high in all its stubbornness and discomfort. A beta blocker finally lowered his heart rate late in the evening (and allowed rest to heal his exhaustion).

James' breathing difficulties have lingered into the morning. He cannot seem to get enough air into his lungs. The wheezing is constant with each breath. His oxygen requirements are on the rise again. The transplant team has been very reassuring that these progressions are not an indication of a deterioration, but James' distress is self-evident. His heart pounding in his chest has become an unbearable constant. He pleads in tears with the doctors to try everything and anything to relieve his symptoms. It is painful (to say the least), but James and I have faith in the team. This is not a critical situation. James' heart rate will improve, along with his spirits. We can get through this together.

That is all for now. I will continue to update in the coming days.


  1. ICU is good. A fearsome place of magic machines, one-on-one care and medical brain-power to strike awe in mortal men. James is in the hands of the best team in the world and they will not rest until they get a handle on this.
    It is your time Adena, just to be.
    To be the calm and loving woman that James is so madly in love with. You are his rock, his cool breeze, his pounding waves upon the shore, his extra breath when none will come, you are his peace. Just be

  2. I'm here for you guys. Just let me know when you need someone by your side to cry with, laugh with, yell at or grab a coffee with.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you .Hugh hugs to you both xoxoxDonna

  4. I will think of you both with the best intentions everyday.

  5. Thinking of you James :) Love from the Gulf Islands. xo Katie