Monday, February 11, 2013


It was an impossibly long day.  

There were false assurances: We were told in the morning that the situation was not critical. 

There was miscommunication (and lack of communication): James' rapid progression did not allow for proper explanations to prepare James or set up outcome expectations. We were not told of the plan to intubate within the hour.

There was one crisis following another. The discovery of an infection by CT scan was followed by a bronchoscopy to determine the type of an infection. He could not recover his breath from the procedure. An arterial blood gas found increasing carbon dioxide in James' lungs. James progressed from bipap support to intubation on a ventilator within the span of an hour. There was no time to process the change.

James has a serious infection. The type and extent of infection is still not known. He is being treated with broad spectrum antibiotics and anti-fungal medication for now. He is sedated to allow his body the rest that it desperately needs (and deserves).

We had been advocating for days. We knew something was seriously wrong. We didn't feel heard. It took a life threatening crisis. At least, James is now comfortable. He does not need to fight for each and every breath.

James could no longer breathe on his own. James can no longer breathe on his own.

I have not been able to sleep. It will be another long day.

I am forever grateful for all your continuous love and support. We really appreciate your prayers. Thank you, dear friends. 

love, love, and more love.


  1. So difficult to hear, and imagine, what is happening. I give a wistful thought to when the science of Star Trek can provide comfort, if not cures, for things as this. I join the chorus of love, and a candle is lit, for all those who suffer and all those who must watch. Be gentle to yourself, and nap when you can. Love love love!

  2. Stay strong Adena prayers coming your way.xoxoxDonna

  3. Adena, we haven't met -- I'm holding you both in my heart, though, and sending metta your way from the west coast -- may you both be healthy, and free from suffering, and happy. And may this dark day be followed by a thousand brighter ones.


  4. This CF mom's heart is holding you both very close. May you feel God's peace today and try to rest, sweet Adena.

  5. Dear Adena, I have been following your blog for a while now and have never responded ....up until now.I want you to know that although I have never met you and James I think of you both often,checking your blog each night before bed....hoping for some news that was showing that at least things were holding their own.This latest posting makes me pray even harder for you.I can not imagine the roller coaster of emotions that you must be riding right now and the fear that James has had to go through the past while, while facing the uncertainty of what is going to happen next. Hold on to that love that you guys share so strongly...grab even a little rest when you can.I shall continue to watch for updates.....May God bless you both.

  6. My heart goes out to you both. ♥

  7. Fierce hugs, gentle hugs, squeezie hugs and never letting go first hugs coming at you...holding our prayers for peaceful, healing rest for James. For you, comforting arms to surround you, to hold you up when your strength alone is not enough, to carry your burden so you may rest and to push you forward when that moment arrives. Bless you both richly,

  8. Everything they said and more. Keith and I are with you both constantly. You know I'm always a text away. Love you both. S and K

  9. Thinking of you and praying!