Sunday, February 3, 2013

dear organ donor

Dear Organ Donor and Organ Donor Family, 

There are not enough words to articulate our gratitude. How can I thank you for saving my husband's life? We will always be grateful for your generous and courageous decision during a time of incredible grief. We think about you each and every single day. You will forever be close to our hearts. We honor your memory in our every day life. We do not take a moment for granted. We live life to its fullest. 

We first wrote to you last year in February 2012. It was my husband's 28th birthday. It was a celebration of life. We would not have been able to celebrate without you. There was no other gift in the world better than to be able to celebrate another year together. We lit a candle for you, and your loved ones. We made a promise to honor you forever and always. 

My husband will be celebrating his 29th birthday in the coming weeks. We have not lost track of the preciousness of your gift, and your brave decision that allowed our future and dreams to become a reality. 

We are not allowed to share personal information with you, but I want to share the meaning behind your gift. My husband was diagnosed with a fatal lung disease at birth. There was no cure. Every single breath was a struggle. My husband was oxygen dependent for the two years before his transplant, and a double lung transplant was necessary for him to survive.

In the last year, I was able to marry the love of my life. It was a magical evening that was made possible by you. My husband was active for the first time in nearly a decade. We went bicycling, swimming, hiking, and even psuedo-camping on the family farm. We set up home together and made memories with friends and family. Our lives are filled with love and laughter. 

We are eternally grateful. We have not forgotten about you. Thank you for your gift. Thank you for the best year of our lives. We feel a deep love for you. We feel a special connection with you. 

May there be comfort and solace in the knowledge that you have saved my husband's life, and given him a quality of life not known to him. 

We love you. 

Thank you. 

Wife of Double Lung Recipient

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  1. BEAUTIFUL your love is so strong. Hugs and God bless xoxoxoDonna