Sunday, February 3, 2013

hospital hair!

a post about hospital hair! well, some photos, at least

James has not had a haircut in months, and the weeks in hospital left his hair less than desirable. Showering takes a lot of energy, and is completely exhausting for James (and even with my help, and a shower chair, James is left shivering and breathless). ReadyBath claims to be a water-free shampoo and conditioner in cap form. We were weary at first, and James was tempted to research the chemical ingredients list, but decided it was worth a try. It comes with strict instructions to discard after use (with immediate disposal should it become dry). It left an odd gel-like film on James' hair, and thus, became the first and last time:

and today, James (finally) got a haircut in the hospital:


  1. James is beautifully handsome as always - and a good sport to boot!

  2. You are quite the dude James ,looking good. I hope you are feeling a little better now.xoxoxox Donna

  3. I had this shower cap hair wash while in the hospital too! It was an amazing feeling! Sending you healing thoughts.