Friday, October 5, 2012


James is snoring away the afternoon (and early evening), and I'm left to consider the importance of gratitude. James and I make a conscious effort to practice gratitude in our daily lives. We write in a gratitude journal on a regular basis. We also share our gratitude with each other before closing our eyes at night. We mention beauty in nature, and wonder takes over for the night. We note privilege, and dive into political conversations. We appreciate literature and a love for poetry and language, and a dreamer emerges from within each of us. 

Gratitude seems to serve an essential purpose: It acts to ground us in the present moment. It becomes a defense against the negative. It reminds of all that there is to love about being in this world. It builds strength and resilience (in the face of chaos, and everything beyond our control). Gratitude allows for connection to everything essential in our lives (and in this world). It helps give voice to all our reasons to keep fighting to be here, for ourselves, and for each other. With that, I am grateful:

I am grateful for James (and the ability to love and be loved).
I am grateful for access to the basic necessities of life.
I am grateful for access to live-saving and life-enhancing medical care.
I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education.
I am grateful for poetry (and the beauty of words).
I am grateful for the changing of seasons (and the vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows in our window view)
I am grateful for laughter.
I am grateful for hope and optimism.
I am grateful for friends and family (and support and care in both the best and worst of times).
I am grateful for pumpkin pie and apple cider.
I am grateful for hand-knit gloves (and small labours of love).
I am grateful for warm blankets (and the comforts of home).
I am grateful for Ophelia (and feline cuddles at all hours of the night).

and of course, I am grateful for our feline friends left home in B.C:

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