Saturday, October 13, 2012

back in the hospital

James is back in the hospital for gastrointestinal symptoms. His lung function is still not stable, but James is coping very well (as always). He was admitted through the ER, and is now sound asleep on the transplant floor. This wasn't the case last night. I'm always relieved to arrive at the hospital and find him asleep. Sleeping can be close to impossible in the ER with constant noise and movement, bright lights at all hours of the night, and regular interruptions for vital sign readings. It is not very conducive with healing. 

Of course, James and I are also always weary of sharing space with a range of viruses and bacteria in the ER. There were no isolation beds available, and James was stuck in a room with three other patients. One of these was on droplet precaution requiring gowns and masks for doctors and visitors. This was not very reassuring for the rest of the patients.

For now, James will focus on healing, slowing down, and listening to his body. He is not a stranger to these gastrointestinal episodes. They are reminiscent of his pre-transplant past (and were a significant barrier to be listed for transplant the first time around). We are grateful to have an established routine. James' symptoms seem to be under reasonable control. He will regain his energy over the course of the next few days. James continues to show incredible strength.

On a side note, I have been slowing setting up home in our new apartment. (I got the keys yesterday morning). It is literally across the street from the hospital. James will be glad to be discharged from the hospital into our own place. We may only have a mattress on the floor, but I have no doubt that James and I will make it our home.

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