Thursday, October 11, 2012

back at the gym

We are back at the transplant gym at least one day each week for some additional support with exercise. We are relieved that James' oxygen saturation levels have not declined with his recent decrease in lung function (and despite an increase in James' sense of breathlessness). He was able to complete the majority of his exercise routine (with a reduction in intensity). We are both exhausted. James also feels very weak. Naps have become standard in the afternoon, but the fatigue remains. For myself, I believe it is the emotional stress. On the other hand, James is coping with both the physical and emotional stress. We came across the following image and found ourselves in laughter:
It definitely resonates with his current state. It is clear that his body is working hard, and of course, James is always pushing himself in all respects. He has this incredible strength to fight for the best possible quality of life. I wish I could emulate his seemingly eternal optimism. In the least, I wish I could have a similar level of acceptance for the uncertainties and lack of predictability our every day lives.

That's all for now. It is time for that afternoon nap. It is at least one consistent aspect of our lives.

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