Thursday, November 1, 2012

hospital and book of love

I have just arrived home from the hospital. James was admitted to the hospital again for anti-emetic treatment and hydration following another nausea and vomiting episode (and dehydration from several days of minimal food and drink, because of on-going low level nausea and lack of appetite).

He toughed it out at home for as long as possible (always with that same strength and courage). He fills me with wonder and awe. We held hands and cuddled together in his hospital bed for most of the evening, but I left him to sleep (and in hopes of also finding some sleep for myself). It is always hard to leave him in the hospital. It is even harder to return home to an empty bed.

On an aside, James had a good friend, Eva Markvoort. Eva was a strong voice in the Cystic Fibrosis community, and an advocate for organ donation. The film, "65_RedRoses", is a documentary about Eva's valiant struggle to survive during the transplant process. She had exuberant passion and strength during the most difficult of times. Eva had a "wall of love" from all around the world:

James and I are growing our own "book of love" with letters, cards, and postcards from loved ones and friends. It is a wonderful way to lift our spirits.

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