Sunday, November 11, 2012

a year and a half lungiversary

Our lives are always beyond prediction.

On November 9, 2009, James moved from Victoria, British Columbia, to Toronto, Ontario in hopes of qualifying for a live-saving double-lung transplant. He was oxygen-dependent and struggling to maintain his weight about 90lbs.

James and I met in Toronto in June 2010. We formed an immediate and deep connection. It took James 10-months to qualify for transplant. He waited another 9 months on the transplant list. On May 12, 2011, James proposed before heading into the surgery that would save his life, and allow our dreams to become a possibility. In James' words, "I came for lungs, and I found love." 

Tomorrow, it will be James' 18-month post-transplant "lungiversary." It would have been impossible to imagine that James would be on this journey again within a few short years, but James and I do not regret a single day together. 

We will celebrate and honor the memory of James' donor, and that very generous and courageous decision save the lives of others during a time of incredible grief and sadness. We are so grateful for the gift of another year and a half together. We wrote a letter to James' donor family with overwhelming gratitude for an incredible year of health and happiness. As always, there were not enough words to express our gratitude.  

James' life was not only extended. He was given a quality of life that was reminiscent of childhood. We went biking, swimming, hiking, and camping. We filled our lives with laughter. (We still insist on dancing and singing on a regular basis). Our wedding was a magical evening in a celebration of life. There may be fear and sadness to be waiting for another life-saving transplant, but that does not negate the happiness and joy of best year and a half of our lives.

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