Saturday, November 24, 2012

James here

Hello my loves. Yesterday at 4am I was rushed across the street to the hospital in a wheelchair driven by my mom and wife. Along the way I was barfing my dinner up to either side of the chair. This was at 4am and would have been pretty hilarious if other people had seen it. I also managed to spray puke at my wife at the end of this very long day. Believe me, it was very long for poor Adena as well. 

I am now admitted to Toronto General again. It's weird because this is all a reaction to a treatment they gave me called Neupogen, which is supposed to increase your white blood cell count. When they gave me my first dose they said there were almost no complications. HA HA FUNNY. I woke in horrible back pain and spent the day in agony. Then they gave me Tylenol 3 tablets that didn't work. Then I couldn't sleep all night, started barfing, and we rushed me to the hospital. It was scarily reminiscent of my shingles attack and caused us a lot of anxiety. (It's not shingles; shingles only happens on one side of the body, this pain radiated from my middle lower back.) Now that I'm in hospital I'm on IV hydromorphone for pain and Zofran for the nausea. 

I actually feel good and hungry now since this was not a typical nausea attack that leaves me weak for days. We are keeping an eye on my oxygen and hopefully I'll be able to go home soon! I feel so loved with my wife beside me and my mom at home nearby. I am really blessed. 



  1. Brutal story - hope you are back out soon.

  2. That's awful. :(
    Zofran was my best friend during my last pregnancy. Without extremely high doses, plus 14 diclectin/d, I'd be tube fed!

    Let me tell you a story: I'm extremely, extremely emetephobic. I have been all my life, but it got considerably worse during my mother's poisoning. I'm so phobic that I even fainted at my *own* puking incidents. Which was awful, considering I did it 30x a day at one point.
    After Curtis' surgery I saw him in recovery and spoon fed him some dinner, he passed out, and then woke up extremely nauseated. Without a second thought I went and grabbed the basin and held it next to him ready to catch... and I did so without the slightest hint of anxiety. He doesn't remember this, but was so shocked to hear it when I told him later that he thought I was making it up.
    Your wife loves you even though you threw up on her. It won't even matter. That's how love is. :)

    - Heather