Saturday, November 24, 2012

and a second entry from the wife

Jamie and I are both recovering from the complete lack of sleep of the last few days. We are relieved the be past the point of severe pain and nausea, but James will not be able to be discharged from the hospital without an assessment of his supplemental oxygen requirements. His lung function appears to have deteriorated to the point of impacting his blood saturation levels. We were prepared for this next stage in the progression of the disease, but that doesn't necessarily ease the emotional and mental transition. James has been on supplemental oxygen throughout this hospital admission for low levels of blood oxygen saturation (and decreases with exertion and during sleep). James appears to have become oxygen-dependent again. We feel a sadness, to some extent, but not beyond expectation given the circumstances. We don't imagine that this change will have a significant impact on James' quality of life on a daily basis. Some of our best collections of memories are from James' pre-transplant oxygen-dependent days. That's all for now. I am conserving my energies for the next few days. We promise to continue to update. As always, James and I are sending love, love, and more love.

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