Friday, September 28, 2012

surprise from home!

James' good friend arrived on Wednesday in the middle of the night from British Columbia to surprise him. James was (and is) absolutely thrilled to have a friend from home. Our spirits are lifted. We definitely needed a good distraction.

We will head to Toronto Islands in the afternoon. I will update again tonight, or tomorrow morning.

We are sending out love, love, and more love.

Update: We had a great day (and that would be an understatement). It is lovely to take a break from hospitals and focus solely on having fun. We were filled with laughter and energy. We will sleep well tonight, but it is the good kind of exhaustion.

Here are some wonderful photographs from the day by our friend, Kendell, yogi and photographer (

James and I are very grateful to have an increasing collection of photographs together, but I should admit that I have always been hesitant about being the subject of a photograph, and I prefer to hide behind the camera. That being said, I love to be able to document our time together into a permanent collection of shared moments. We also have another friend back in Victoria with an incredible talent for photography. She generously made herself available last minute to take a beautiful series of photographs before James and I had to move back to Toronto. We love all these photographs. We love our friends.

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