Monday, September 24, 2012

no longer homeless!

James and I have good news to share. We signed a lease for October 15th. It is a 6-month lease (and month-to-month afterwards). We officially have a home in Toronto. It is directly across from the hospital. It has a single bedroom, a lot of closet space, and a bright view of downtown Toronto. We will also have access to an exercise room for James' physiotherapy and of course, for my sanity, to some extent.

We are meeting more (and more) wonderful people at the transplant gym. There is a very positive energy of hope and optimism in the room. We continue to enjoy sharing stories amongst individuals pre-transplant and post-transplant. The level of support and encouragement is incredible. There are no words to describe the courage in that room. I will often feel a wave of sadness watching someone struggle for breath, but there is always laughter in the background to bring me back into the present.

James pushes himself very hard at the gym, and tends to collapse into exhaustion back at home. He is sleeping more and more these days. I wake often during the night to check on him. His breathing has become very shallow and almost silent at night. It scares me and I will reach out to feel his skin for warmth. It is a significant contrast to the last year of gasping for air and loud snoring from a complete sinus obstruction. 

James and I want to share our gratitude. It is important to keep our focus on positive.

We are grateful for each other. We are grateful for each and every day together. We are grateful for friends, family, and community. We are grateful for hope and optimism. We are grateful for access to health care, and a team of genuinely caring experts and specialists. We are grateful for deep sleep, and of course, good food. We are grateful for feline friends and late night cuddles (both from each other and Ophelia). We are grateful for gratitude itself. It is an excellent reminder to appreciate the present moment.
These photos are from our temporary home. We are looking forward to moving into a more permanent living situation. It will be lovely to have more than a mattress on the floor, but of course, all you need is love, love, love.

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