Thursday, September 13, 2012

James here, posting from the hospital.

Another hard night of thymo treatment has passed in the hospital. I had chills and needed to be triple blanketed, and was up most of the night with nurses going back and forth bothering me or my roommate.  They probably checked my temperature and blood pressure 20 times as I drifted in and out of a fog.

I got myself up early with a splitting headache and wasted the next few hours watching silly youtubes.  I made tea in a styrofoam cup in the ward kitchen (aka the 'nourishment room') and took my mountain of pills.  Adena came by early, as always, and we've been hanging out and snuggling ever since.  We saw my lung doctor who says I only have one treatment left of 25mg (half a dose) so perhaps I will be able to go home tomorrow!

It'll be two weeks since we arrived in Toronto, and I've spent almost every day in the hospital.  Adena has been managing almost everything for us and I really hope to pick up some slack while I recover!  I have been failing in my husbandly duties and want to make it up to her with lots of good food and fun times.

Soon we will have some pseudo-furniture and kitchen utensils and I will be able to cook for us.  We'll be able to settle in to our bare apartment and get internet and start enjoying our lives again!

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