Saturday, April 13, 2013

morning chaos

I arrived to complete chaos this morning at the hospital. Last night, James had to get three new sutures to secure his ECMO. I held his hands throughout the procedure. He was comfortable and calm. We wished each other the sweetest of sweet dreams, and I went home without cause for concern. When I greeted James in the morning, I learned that James had been bleeding all night. (He is on a continuous Heparin drip to prevent clots from forming in the ECMO circuit. This prevented the suture site from healing). James was covered in soaked sheets, gauze, and bandages. He was nauseous again, and hugging a basin. (He now gets a standing dose of anti-emetics after four continuous mornings of nausea and vomiting). There was a surgical team in the room in attempt to stop the bleeding, and James' hemoglobin had declined to the point of requiring a blood transfusion. The ICU and Transplant doctors were also doing rounds on James. It was a lot of people in a scene of controlled confusion. I found my way past the closed curtains, and held James' hand. Everything has since settled, and James is fast asleep in the sweetest of sweet dreams (I hope).


  1. Ahh, Adena, my eyes have a few tears at this entry. I wish such calmness and quiet for the two of you. It's difficult to reconcile in my head and heart the wholehearted wish for him to get to a place where he can go home with you, and also see the reality of what is happening. Much love to you and your husband. I know there's nothing to be said to soothe you, but please know that you're not alone. Thank you for holding his hand for us, and we all wait to see what happens next. LOVE!

  2. This took my breath away for a moment. How very frightening for you both. It is such a comfort knowing that he is receiving such excellent care. Thinking of you both all the time. I will be looking for you on Monday :) love, Susan

  3. Adena - so great to see you this morning and wow - what a shock for you to arrive in the midst of all of this! We cannot possibly imagine a better place to be when everything is going sideways on you - I'm so glad you and James are here, with such a wonderful team pulling out all the stops to care for and support James. Now about those perfect lungs...soon come, my dear, soon come.