Friday, April 19, 2013

agony and dread

We have no other words. It has been a long day of agony and dread. We are with heavy hearts. We feel deeply for the loss of another precious life. We feel as though death surrounds us. We continue to tread forward. We will not allow pain to replace love and laughter. We have each other to lean on. We are together. We have each other.

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  1. Hi I just started following your blog and have enjoyed reading about someone else waitig for a second lung transplant. I am adding you to my prayer list along with all the others who are awaiting transplants and are Battling CF. I've seen CF take away way to many young lives. I had my Living Lobar Lung transplant 12 years ago and am now waiting for a second heart/lung transplant I am from Alberta and am the first sucess full living lobar recipient. I've had a good 12 year but want more! I hope your lungs come to you soon and you are able to reach all your dreams and goals in life. Thanks for letting me share I your journey. God Bless.