Tuesday, December 4, 2012

holidays away from home

We are getting ready for the holidays with the mixed emotions of love for the holiday season, and a longing to be back home with James' family, (and of course, curled up with feline friends in front of our fireplace). James insists that all he needs for the holidays is to be with me, but I also sense a sadness for the separation from his family. We are looking forward to receiving some of his childhood ornaments in the mail to bring some of his tradition to our temporary home. 

We will travel to my father's house for Christmas. He lives in a rural area close to Port Perry, Ontario, with several pets that will occupy James' every moment of attention during the holiday. We will still be surrounded by family, and the love and warmth that the holidays are meant to represent.

We will also celebrate Chanukah with my family in Toronto. The party will come to us, because my mother's house has several flights of stairs that would be completely inaccessible for James. We have many special and meaningful traditions. These have become more and more important over the years. The holidays come with comfort of memories. As with the last few holidays, I will feel the absence of my Bubie. She has been gone for almost 10 months, but in many ways, it could have been only a few weeks. There is not a single day that she doesn't cross my mind, and I feel that loss even stronger as the holidays approach without her around the table.

We have also been getting the apartment ready for the holidays, and bringing some of that festive cheer into our small space.
We bought a special ornament to represent the year of our marriage:
and another for the blending of traditions:
Our dear friends and family have also sent loving cards in the mail, along with a beautiful angel, and some delicate homemade snowflakes to bring the holiday spirit to our little home in Toronto:

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