Monday, December 10, 2012


It would be impossible to not love that smile. 

James has been out of the hospital for two weeks and is feeling stronger and stronger each and every day. We seemed to have found a resolution for James' gastrointestinal issues, and James has been able to return to eating as a full-time job. His white cell counts are back within an acceptable range for immunosuppression, but James is still mostly housebound (aside from appointments at the hospital and physiotherapy at the Transplant Gym) to reduce the risk of infection. We are really looking forward to Christmas at my father's house. We need to take as many precautions as possible to remain healthy for the holidays.

We celebrated the first night of Chanukah over this past weekend (and will have another Chanukah party on Saturday). We have plenty of leftovers, and the house still smells of latkas from the weekend (and other fried deliciousness from the holiday). We played driedel for candies with my siblings, and sang traditional Chanukah songs. We have been lighting the candles each night before dinner. My Bubie has been close at mind and in our hearts. She would have been the first to sing and dance, and of course, to burn the latkas.
James' mother sent some lovely Christmas ornaments from James' childhood for our little apartment tree. Unfortunately, Ophelia got to the tree this evening, and James and I returned home from grocery shopping to scene of pine needles and broken glass in every corner of the apartment. Ophelia was prancing around with pride at all the toys she had discovered on our tree. We will have to replace the tree with an artificial plant. It has fallen a few times prior to this incident, and with Ophelia's new found interest, I can't imagine it would remain upright for a lot longer. 

 love love love

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