Tuesday, September 10, 2013


We made it through the dread of three months-post transplant assessments. Most of the results are back without indication of rejection or infection. We have been given permission to book a flight home. We are absolutely thrilled. We have been in Toronto for over a year. We are very ready to return home to our little nest. It still seems surreal on some level. 
James has a love fest at my father's house.
James' final test for his three months post-transplant assessment. He's never been happier to have a bronchoscopy.
We celebrated Rosh Hashanah with my family. It was a very different holiday compared with last year. There were still some tears, but it was wonderful to be celebrating in health.
"Can we go home yet?"


  1. Happiness is...... Can't wait for you two to get back to the west coast. Love Auntie Dean :-):-):-):-):-)

  2. So very happy for you both!!!
    Hugs, safe travels and good health...
    and love, love, love

  3. It is so nice to see him up and living his life! What an inspiration to anyone who is waiting.You both really showed us all how you can get to your lowest point, but still make it back it up :) Best wishes to you all!

  4. Glad you are on your way home! What a crazy journey it's been for you two. Can't wait for you to do whatever the hell you want next! Bless!