Sunday, July 7, 2013

An Update From James

Dear supporters, James here updating from the hospital. Things have improved dramatically since the last update. I am no longer nauseated, nor am I suffering from dystonia. I am back up to my goal rate of tube feeds, so my nutrition is much better. I am receiving medication through my nasal tube. Adena and I have made trips out of the hospital room with the help of our nurses. My tracheotomy is corked, and I am off the ventilator. I am only on 0.5 litres of oxygen through nasal prongs. I am optimistic and I am looking forward to the coming week. It looks like I am going to be moved to the step down unit where I hope to make further strides towards getting out of the hospital. I am able talk and get dressed without running out of breath. I am wearing real clothes instead of a hospital gown. I am feeling very emotional these days, and although my memory is very spotty, a lot of moments are coming back to me from the previous year is hospital. I am filled with love for my wife and family, and everyone who has helped me to get to this point. Thank you all for reading, and I will keep updating in the future. xoxo, James.


  1. James and Adena! We are so happy to hear that small steps are being accomplished! And yay for wearing something other than hospital clothes ! From Ladysmith , BC

  2. I have been reading Adena's blog regularly, but am so pleased to hear from you James. You are indeed an amazing couple and I wish only progress and happiness for your both. You have been through so much and deserve the accomplishments you are making. My prayers are with you both. From Thornhill, Ontario

  3. How wonderful to hear this news! And what a huge relief for you and all your family.
    Warm thoughts from the west coast,

  4. Yeah!! So happy and proud of you James and Adena! Always thinking about you and sending tonnes of positive vibes!!!

  5. James,so glad that you where able to blog today,not that Adena 's blog's were not informative,they were but nice to hear from you! Hopefully everyday you will get better and stronger.You are both in my prayers daily,Love June

  6. Great news James! Thank you for writing! It's lovely to hear, you're proof that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have been following the journey you and Adena have been taking for some time now. Your bravery is indescribable, you're an amazing pair.
    I don't know either of you but I think of you daily.
    Best of luck for your future together.

  7. So incredible to hear from you! I cannot wait to read about all the adventures you and Adena will embark on in the future :) Big hug!! Xo Katie on Saturna

  8. Oh James, regardless of your memory of specific things over these past 6+ months, you know exactly how long we've waited for a note from you - so thank you, thank you!
    Don't worry about the memory thing, some things are best left in the fog and Adena will fill you in on the important things. That's what we've done for Carman and he now tells the stories to others as if he remembers them clearly....even the ones about things that he wasn't even in the room for! LOL
    If you skipped ACU, you'll be skipping around the unit on 7 in no time and then comes the big break out!
    Best, best, best - happy dancing out here for ya!