Wednesday, September 9, 2015

west coast summers

Our updates will continue to be sparse. We had an absolutely lovely summer, and as always, I cannot believe that the months have disappeared this fast. 

It was definitely another summer of healing in nature. We returned to the cabin on the West Coast Trail, and enjoyed a blissful few days in the magical rainforest. We camped at Ruckles Park on Salt Spring Island surrounded by old growth forest, and fell asleep to the sounds of the ocean. We camped on the farm, too, (and fell asleep to the sounds of James' childhood with peacocks, hens and roosters, geese, and sheep in the fields around us). It became increasingly more difficult to get in and out of a tent in the middle of the night with each successive week of my pregnancy, but it was completely worth it. We also enjoyed a long weekend in Tofino and basked in the glory of beaches, mountains, and forests. We had a lovely visit with James' family, and were treated to delicious meals and sunsets on the beach. We swam, and swam, and swam, and I spent all the time possible in the ocean and local lakes to escape the heat, and find relief from the discomforts of my ever-growing belly. We also had a fabulous weekend in Vancouver to visit with friends and family a few weeks ago. We bicycled around the sea wall at Stanley Park (and I had visions of gong into labour in the middle of the urban oasis). We enjoyed many picnics and evening walks on local beaches, and foraged for plums and blackberries in the neighbourhood. 

I continued with an insane schedule of full-time school and part-time work for the majority of the summer, but I have finally slowed down. We are busily nesting in preparation for the arrival of this little one. James is feeling healthy and strong, and without issue or concern at all. We are expecting in about 3 weeks, but of course, I am already full-term, and James and I could have a baby in our arms at any point. We are excited beyond belief, and I am absolutely starting to feel ready. 

feeling at home on the West Coast Trail in early July
enjoying cuddles from Rambo on the farm

more west coast beauty in Tofino
only 32 weeks along in this photo from over a month ago, but I was already looking and feeling very pregnant

I suspect there will be a baby update in the coming weeks, but I only anticipate health for James in the next stage of our journey together. We are feeling hopeful for the future.


  1. You are a beautiful pregnant lady, Adena, and of course, James, with that punim, is always beautiful. Wishing an easy delivery to you!

    1. Thank you! We are expecting only the best! <3