Tuesday, March 18, 2014

photo dump!

a couple of months in a couple of photos (in no particular order):

 My Ophelia has adapted very well to all the changes. She is in love with the outdoors, and has become a playful kitten all over again.

 (This is Ophelia's first experience with snow. We didn't get a lot more snow the rest of the season).

I finally (and to my relief) found Christmas photographs:
Christmas Eve on Salt Spring Island at James' Family Farm
Christmas Morning
James and I love to make fresh pasta for dinner. It does not take a lot more time or effort, and it is worth every delicious bite. (Can you tell that James has gained some precious pounds)?
We made a factory load of Hamentaschen for Purim, and had a ridiculous amount of fun at a Beatles-themed Purim Party.
Those are some seriously healthy lungs. (Thank you, Heather Armstrong, for these gorgeous photographs).

We are finally at home in Victoria.


  1. Love to you both.

  2. Its so lovely to see that you came a long long way. I wish you a blissful life together and the best health. I am deeply moved by this blog and by the love that you both share. Cheers!